Imprisoned Heart

After Saxofoner’s attempt at a sword in the heart ( I thought i might give it a go

Here are the Results

All Crits and Sugestions are welcome :slight_smile:

the edge of the blade is going in the wrong direction, it starts off normal, and then it changes, the cracks in the heart don’t look real because they ar too wide and only one depth. The barbed wire’s modelling is good, far too big to be realistic though, and the specular makes it look like mottled clay. I’d say work on more detailed materials, and put in a fill light on the left to lighten some of the shadows

Same old song… I can’t see it. There’s a lot of black space, a murkily lit subject, dark hands that I can’t see coming from who knows where. And a tighter crop is needed on all four sides.

Yet… it’s an intriguing idea. The modeling can be simple and the picture can still work. But if the histogram is plastered against the left side of the chart, an image can never work that way.

Leave the modeling alone for a moment … crop to the edge of the subject … give me something other than a black background … and re-light.

I would also ask you to think about the story of the picture: what do you want to convey to me, the viewer? Go take a look at some existing art, where artists did things like putting a cork-board in the background with little images for the viewer to study; images which begin to suggest (but not tell outright) the backstory that surrounds the image.

I would suggest that you alter nothing but the composition and the light, perhaps using Gimp or Photoshop only. And what I want you to do is to tell the story with the light. Nothing but the light …

There is a good picture in there. Work it.