Improper Shadow Reflection & Faces Not Rendering

So I’ve been having an interesting little issue when rendering in eevee, (excuse me if someone else has brought this up, I’m new, I googled and searched the forum to find this exact issue but found nothing quite similar), what seems to be happening (doesn’t occur in cycles) is that when I render a simple reflection of something like a cube against a wall (3d not a plane) the inside faces that should be reflected by the wall won’t always reflect, and if they’re floating / casting a shadow, it seems to make the effect even more noticable. using latest blender release for ubuntu 19.10

here’s a little attachment so you can see what I’m referring to.

As you can see, the rectangular prisms GENERALLY reflect properly enough to be passable, I know eevee is a simulation so it won’t be perfect, and much needs to be fine tuned for a realistic view. But the one that is floating above not only is casting shadows improperly in the reflection, but the inside face isn’t even being rendered at all, and is omitted from the mirror, (yes its there I’ve checked twice)
I’m not sure if this is a known eevee issue / limitation, older GPU issue(nvidia gtx650 ti boost), a raytracing issue, or whatnot, but it’s really annoying as I want to ensure I can accomplish what I need to in terms of reflections if I ever use them in any professional aspect.

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to figuring out what the issue is!