Improv club advertisement made in Cycles!

This is an animated advertisement for an improv theatre club of our group. I did the rendering in Cycles, added vector motion blur in BI to some parts, removed some noise with After Effects, cut with Premiere and made the song with Reason. To meet the deadline I couldn’t render this in HD or clear all the noise. Hope you like it!

Still image:

That is good. Nice sound effects and the penguin made me laugh. Nice attention to details.

I like it a lot and the sound effects/music are great too:)

Glad you liked it! Making sound effects is always fun, for example, the sound of skiing is just rubbing 2 pieces of paper together close to mic! :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw here’s the previous penguin animation I made 2 years ago with BI:

lol, amazing Godzilla :wink: or maybe the Kong. I’m sure it must be fun to make those crakling noises

Well for some things it’s just better to use I don’t have a gramophone unfortunately :smiley:

:wink: try the styrofoam

Nice style and camera angles. If I were you I’d take a frame from the animation and put it as an attachment for the first post so you’ll get a picture thumbnail that’s visible when viewing the finished projects that way more people will probably be interested.

Hyvää työtä!

Thanks, and good idea, updated the original post!

Also, good job on Road Raisins. Saw it some time ago and thought the visual style and execution was excellent! I can see that you study at Metropolia don’t you. I was there also for 2 years studying 3D but then switched the subject to producing music.

IT’S… BEAUTIFUL! :smiley: I really like the sounds.

No problem and thank you it means a lot!

Yeah I’m currently studying on my third year there. It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve been able to use blender most of the time so I’m happy. :smiley:
Are you studying at Pop & Jazz now?

Checked out your portfolio and noticed the entrance exam shoecharacters. Hilarious! Well done!

Woah cool, the animation got featured on blendernation! Thanks Bart!

Yep, pop & jazz! Seems to be a very nice place. I’m always on the edge whether I’m the audio guy or visual guy, but passion for making music kinda is the strongest, probably! :smiley:

Thanks! The shoe picture is actually made in Blender! I hadn’t even done any 3D in past except for a couple of tests, but I thought that the enterance exam was cool, so I learned blender myself and got in!

Congrats on getting featured!

Quite impressive you learned blender just for the entrance exam.
I had been using Blender for a few years prior to the exams, I started with Blender 2.37 I think, but never really gotten proper honest critique on anything so my progress was quite slow. Every bit of info was also a lot harder to get to than nowadays.
I got to the exams but failed at them horribly partly due to nerves since I hadn’t applied for anything else and was very nervous. I also played around with colour (not a smart thing to do on entrance exams) and noticed that they pretty much ruined what I had done because I completely sucked at using colours.

Next year I applied to several schools and got into every one including Metropolia even though I was terribly nervous that time as well. Learned my lesson not to use colour though and went with all black&white pencil drawings. Seemed to work out well. :wink:

Babbling along, sorry about that. :smiley: