Improved my website

Well I found some time to spend at changing the menu,adding some snow in the home page and making a small flash animation for title(changed my logo)

Also I will upload the new version of scriptomania soon.

Please have a look at my updated websit and post your C&Cs or tips to improve it :

Sorry, you’ve just gone backwards five years. Do you really think blue snow falling down the page is appropriate for a website? Do you think people care if the header and buttons animate?

I’m not going to use your site until everything is static.

OK, here we go:

  • First reaction: Eek! HELP ME! SOS!!!

  • ok, it ain’t that bad, but there is one big thing troubling me: the wide variety of colours you use. There is a nice light grey background, but you’ve got text in black, green, blue, purple, white and brown. Just pick a main colour a highlight colour and if really necessary a tertiary colour. But they should fit together. This is currently not the case; especially the green hurts the eyes.

  • The animated header (minus the colour of the text: change the blue to brown) fits the menu quite nicely. Unfortunately they don’t really fit in with the rest of the page.

  • The menu currently doesn’t change your cursor to the hand-cursor when you’re on a link, which is slightly confusing. This is really a small thing (also easy to change), but adding it will increase the usability.

  • There are some small spelling mistakes.

Alright this probably sounds a bit harsh, but I’m just trying to help. By the way I don’t completely agree with Wiggie. Animated elements can be a good addition to a website. Just use them wisely.

this is a screen shot taken after your page loads. granted, using firefox + ad block + flash block + no script = a very small percentage of net surfers…it’s still not a very good idea to rely solely on flash navigation and java snow to get your point across.

i humbly suggest checking out for some open designs and for their various resources they offer to learn from.