Improvements due to blender?

I’ve noticed that since I’ve been using blender, I’ve noticed my digital painting skills have improved greatly :slight_smile:

Nothing amazing, but the ability to recognise types of reflection, e.g. reflective highlights and how they would be integrated (addition), and more broadly, analysing materials has improved my drawing / painting.
Anyone else noticed this?

Yes, I’ve noticed the same thing, with both digital, and hand drawn images.:slight_smile:

Yeah, actually I have. I don’t do a lot of 2d art (which I’m trying to remedy), but I have definitely seen an improvement in what I do in 2d. You always see people saying (at least, it seems that way to me) that a solid grasp of 2d art principles help your 3d (which no doubt is true). What you don’t see is the opposite, which I also think has some truth.
I used to be able to be able to draw a human that looked about as good as chicken scratch. I didn’t try for a couple years, and in the mean time practiced my human modeling enough that I can now model a human fairly well with no reference. Then recently I just happened to sit down and do a bit of sketching, and surprised myself! I can actually draw a recognizable human now (well enough that it actually makes me want to draw more to get really good)! Modeling humans for several years really helps me with envisioning and drawing them in 2d now. Anyway, just my experience with it. I do need to practice actually drawing and stuff more though…

Have to say it has effected my photography skills as well. I’m understanding better just what kind of shots aren’t worth taking because of lighting/material issues or even how to correct them by switching out my angles. it has also done a lot for me with video production work.