Improvements to my poster ad


I am thinking of starting a small business to rake some pennies in.
How can I improve the aesthetic design of the poster?

Do you think it would look better without the drop shadow? What can I do with the empty space at the bottom? (I was thinking of adding my email there but it should be with the number)
Is it ok to have my contact info ‘up there’ - normally it should be at the bottom logically as the people read the poster and make up their minds when they come to the bottom - is it ok to defy this?

Oh… and ignore the logo. It is just something that looks good (hence I spell it out underneath).

Thanks for your time.

nothing at all?

Hrm… let’s see…

Logo? Are you talking about the series of primitives at the top? They don’t really read as a logo… or as the word “Toucan”, which is what I think you’re trying to do. Part of the problem is the primitives… the other part is that your greens bleed together.

Services. Use consistant capitalization for your bullet points. And, come to think of it, your actual bullet characters are difficult to see

Random number. Is this a phone number, or is it really supposed to be random? Maybe clarifying what that is would help, especially considering the fact that you have a bunch of random[-ish] characters flying around in the background.

The “SO…” box. What are you trying to say here. If this is your sales pitch, it needs to be stronger.

Random chick. No real problem with this, although the question of relevance does come to mind. I would say though, that the head and hand should either be above or below the “SO…” box. Not both. I’d recommend above.

Screenshots. Pretty good idea, but you may want to caption them to give folks a better idea of what they’re seeing (the people you’re getting work from often don’t know much, if anything about your tools, so just posting screenshots of them isn’t telling them very much).


aha, most excellent feedback. Thank you so very much. I couldn’t argue with any of those considerations.

the title “SO” and corresponding text doesnt look very proffessional at all, its like your describing your job to someone, not selling your services to them.

The girl was lifted from Excel Saga, you’ll need to remove this if you don’t want to risk a copyright infringement suit.

yeah I’ve changed the So… to Summary now, added the captions, made the number more clear (by adding email adress underneath) .etc

About the girl… its a space filler and since its from an anime made in Japan I seriously doubt I could get sued for it (very unlikely).

If it’s a space filler, why don’t you show off some of your own work instead? The people who might want to hire you aren’t interested in copy-and-paste work.

Also the screenshots at the top don’t really work for me. In most of them there is too much (unreadeable) text, especially the second and the fourth one. Consider changing them for something more graphical. Perhaps a nice flow-diagram or something like that? It would get the point across of the ‘computer program to track incoming and outcoming stock’ you’re offering.


well the poster is a piece of work itself, and whatever I use to make it look good shouldn’t matter too much (correct tools for the job).
I see many websites that copy each other’s themes and loads more that use kde logos!

But the flow chart diagram is a very good idea, it would make a lot more sense… and I can even overlay it down the side .etc (like in the microsoft flowchart adverts).
Also for the console there could be like a massive prompt with some random perl code.