Improving Blending of Texture and making realistic skin.

Hello I have modeled a guys head mainly to practice my textureing and blending of the texture.

The modeling was done quickly so It is a bit rough. To get to the point I am wondering what techniques there are for textureing and also For the face how would I blend in seams like the front of the head is mapped separate then the back but I need to blend that seam.


Someone has to know some good ideas about texturing and or at least some good tutorials. If My main question was not understood here is an image

Note the outer eyes are separate from the rest of the face in the UV map. Besides making them on the same what have other people done to blend things like that together? Also Any good texturing tutorial on realistic skin and other materials is most welcome. Side view of wireframe just in case you wanted to see.

well,i’m still a newbie but what i’m trying out the next days is this method (after searching for weeks for a good tutorial about uv/texturing).:yes:

There are a lot of tutorials explaining how to unwrap a head. The seam should be in the back of the head so it’s not easly visible in the scene. The rest is just trial and error.
I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m working on a character in Maya and I did the texturing (zBrush->Maya) like 10 times until I got the effect wanted along with the displacement maps.

Blendom that tutorial just focuses on how to do the UVlayout and such I already know that. What I am looking for is how best to blend things together at the seams. Thanks though and if you come across a tutorial that has that where it specificly talks about blending things so there are no seems then let me know. K a Newbie was brave enough to make a comment any one else? I am sure others know more about this.

the method described in the video was indeed very new for me as i understand much better how to lay out a uv map,clean to avoid stretching.

as for the edges,the “right technique”,imo,would be projection painting,i think.
anything else looks much more like a unneeded effort.

like i said i’m a newbie but moving the unwrapped “lines” (or whatever it is called) manually, like shown in to many standard tutorials, seems simply wrong.
it’s ok for fine tuning but nothing more.