Improving (CAD=> Freecad= DAE/STL ) models to print

Hi guys,

At night i live as a normal blender user, but at work as a fanatic 3d printer guy :slight_smile:
My problem is the people i work with use AutoCAD alike programs, they cerate Step files for me who i translate to STL to do all kind of things with animations ett but i also make 3d prints.

The problems is that although Freecad is trying to do a good job in converting shapes to meshes.
Regularly i have to fix models, its extra work for me and iโ€™m not always having the time to fix it all.

I am wondering if there exists an Addon, who tries to do an outside based remesh (ea trying to near a surface untill it crosses a surface then it stops, looks for edges in that are subdivide itself trying to aprouch again (a bit like shrink wrap or so),

There are now ways to git and get close to this (sculpt remesher, shrink wrap, vertex editing with magnet tool), but there seam to be no tool yet that can do a one click make an outside based model and ignore all that is interrior (parts)

If something like this does not exist, would it be something to ask for on rightclick select ?.

did you look at the new Voxel remesh in 2.82 ?
but this makes high res model so not certain it is that good for making 3d print objects!

happy bl

I sometimes use it then have to do highress indeed however itโ€™s a bit of overkill to. Problematic can be small circular holes for screws some circles tend to go pixelated which is problematic if parts need to fit.