Improving fluid emission from particles-retreiving particle velocity only in to force

Well…Lightwave´s newer VDB tools and gas solver is a crude fluid engine, and it´s not nice to sit and watch it´s horrible display while it simulates a fluid motion, but…there is a feature I just don´t see blender have, which potentially could enhance the way of starting an explosion or driving the fluids in blender.

In Lightwave and the gas solver, I can plug the particles in to the force grid, generally you often would feed the particle output in to the source grid …and that way have the particles as sources for the fluids, that would be equivalent with blenders option to use the particle system on a mesh, and not the mesh itself for generating the fluids.

Now…by having this option in lightwave, you use the mesh as source grid, but the particles in to the force grid, and it will push the fluids in the same direction the particles are going, but not in essence generated by the particles, the mesh is fed in to the source grid, and particles to the force grid…so the mesh is emmiting the fluids still from the mesh, but going in the direction the particle velocity fed in to the force grid is determining.

Would be nice to have in blender fluids, since I think it can enhance the way you start fluids, by using this an initial explosion would look better in the fluid emission, than any blob or size depending particle generated fluid does.

I now many uses meshes to expand and displace, but I also now that if I had this in blender, I could easier produce much better explosives and start forces…than with how particles (seem to work today in blender with fluids)
This should be in regards for main start of fluids, and not explosive trails.

See image below and you´ll see what I mean about plugin particles in to a force grid and driving the motion that way, not the emission of the fluid.