Improving grass distance script

Hi all, I’m just trying to make a script to render grass distance.

I don’t want to hang my old pc rendering unnecessary grass objects so I thought was better to display it only when the PC is near.

I used dupliverts to assign an emitter of the grass for every vertex but I’m searchin’ for a less complicated way to “paint” grass on the ground.

Surely the problem is not new but I’ve not found anything about it yet.

Any help or hint to improve my scene is really appreciated.

Many thanx in advance.

Here’s the link to the .blend file:

Edit: I’ve found a solution by myself, painting particles (hair, with the grass emitter) on the displaced terrain mesh then making objs real. Any ideas appreciated, BTW. Here’s the new file:

Here’s the preview of the new .blend i’ve attached before:

My goal now is to do it with a python script in BGE, painting only the green areas…

Found an interesting video about it on Youtube, someone can help me to find his author, maybe here among us?