improving hair.

I would have an idea for improving hair.
would be possible to combine different styles
curl, wave, braid,… in the same particle system
like hairfarm.

An emitter can have multiple particle systems.

I havent gotten to the actual hair in my models but this sleeps in my bookmarks just add the rest of the link I hope it helps you as much as it helps me

thanks for the suggestion InsaneXade
I want to show the latest attempt
to create a convincing curly hair
with my model of Rihanna
but I’m never satisfied with the result
some suggestions!?

Nice model! Natural-looking curls are very difficult to accomplish using Blender’s hair styling tools, imo, as it’s difficult to create variations down the length of the strands that are natural for real hair. I agree that being able to combine styling parameters (do some Wave along with the Curl, for example) would help a lot, as well as being able to use such tools as keypoint weighting to modulate the styling effects. As it is, it’s usually a compromise between what you’d really like to have, and what can actually be accomplished.

Some tips: Keep your parent strands as few as possible and keep them well-ordered. A mass of tangled parent strand is a beeyotch to handle when grooming! There are useful tools for adding “Roughness” to child strands that can keep the wig from looking too perfect.

Consider using more than one particle system so such stylings as Wave and Curl can be combined to some degree. Even duplicate “wigs” are sometimes useful.

In the particle system’s “Kink:” section, the parameter field “Shape” is useful for determining which portion of the hair strands are affected by the Kink style. This can be good for such variations as Empire-era curls (British Empire, that is), the pseudo-classical Greek influence, where the hair starts out relatively straight and then gets extremely curled into almost tubular ringlets.

Also consider shaping the parent strands. This can be quite tedious and often frustratiing, but is also very useful for some styling effects that “Kink” can’t handle well.

thanks very much for your valuable advice, even
if I will understand all the steps because I’m Italian
and I can hardly understand a language so technical…
I’m glad you answered chipmasque
You’re one of my favorite artists and I follow all your
wonderful projects that are outside of the boring commercial standard 3d

Here is a new rendering
I replaced the style curl with braid but I would something
I think it would be nice to mix them with a percentage

I think that the realism of the hair is very important.
I always see models with straight hair or wavy hair
easily obtainable but the real hairstyles are hardly
achievable even with commercial programs.
I think that putting a radius in the style curls that
define the amplitude of the curl would help a lot
Any opinion?

very nice, I am glad that my suggestion helped. has helped me more than anything I have currently found, in fact that is where I now get all my information. There is an awesome citizen tutorial that really opens the door for hair making in Blender. This answered all my questions on hair and is well worth the money. If you can buy a month for $10 via paypal then go on a downloading spree. Not only does it help the site owners and put meals on their tables, but all the files, including the video files became instantly available to you. I recommend downloading the citizen tuts. They are streamed live (to prevent theft of course) and with all the buffering is next to impossible to watch. Just remember you cannot distribute them or you could easily find out how well their lawyers work. :wink:

Also there are these, now that I look really hard. Note, I am downloading all that I can that might possibly come in handy today so I will probably update this as I find free videos and stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the advice
I have found a way to create curls very ordered
as I wanted.
I used the simple option in children rather than interpolated
and then I adjusted the radius


Here is another example of curly hair
obtained in the same way.

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