Improving material and textures

Hi there! Need some help with textures/maps/nodes here.
I’m trying to create a tank, but it looks like it’s made of plastic and I don’t know how to make it look any better. My question is mostly about material because in my scene small details like scratches and bumps on metal and paint will probably be too small to notice but I’d also like to know how to create them.
If you share any good tutorials, advices, or tips I will be very grateful.

Here’s a picture of my tank

BTW best artwork I’ve seen yet is “T-55” by McGavish


First thing, there is a forum for ‘work in progress’ which is perhaps the best place for this thread.

Particularly since the first thing I notice is need to model more details
Everything is made of unadorned planes at the moments.
Rivets, hinges, inlays, protuberances etc.,. would give it a lot more character.
Similarly some unevenness to the planes would help a lot, either modelled or as a displacement in the texture

The materials are too simple at the moment
You could do a lot with a slight variation in hue and brightness on the flat colours
And that is before adding dirt along the edges and details

Hope this helps


as Martin said, it’s too simple.
Add some “mesh detail” and then just think what’s happening to real materials - rust, dirt, fading of colors, scratches, chipped paint etc.


Thank you Martin and Harlehhatschi, I’ve added grunge map to add some discoloration and bump and it helped a lot.

Though I can’t find any good tutorials on sculpting or texturing something that isn’t clean and shiny. It’s very frustrating for me to do something I don’t know how having no guidance or example.