Improving my smoke simulation

Hi all!

I’m working on this project where I’m getting this blockiness in the fiery smoky flying rocks.
I already increased the resolution of the bake to 500 in the domain menu and it took the whole day to bake even in my mildly beefy machine (3900x, RTX3090, 64GB RAM). Is there anything else I can do to make the blockyness go away and make it look more realistic?
I’m fairly new to simulations so I don’t want to be messing with stuff I don’t completely understand and waiting around for whole days to get bakes done haha!

Many thanks!

Blockiness, in general, occurs in most render systems when you push density too far. You basically have filled the entire voxel and are seeing the edges.

Adjust the shader first. Try dropping your density multiplier down until the blockiness goes away.