Improving on Eevee shadows?

Hi all,

I know this something that comes up often, but I’m a bit stuck here with the settings.
Creating a archviz scene, with a sunlight shining through blinds. The shadows are very blocky, no matter what I try with the lamp shadow settings or Eevee.
Am I missing something, or is sharper shadows not possible with Eevee atm?
Scene has reflection and Irrediance probes to help with the lighting, all set at 1024 atm.


thanks for any tips, links etc.


Try VSM and enable high bitdepth:


Yes, I found that one too, it’s slightly better for the quality.

Having some lightbleed issues atm as well, -and- for some reason my scene file size billowed 10x for some odd reason.
But those are other questions I guess :wink:


For light leak issues, check this post (and ideally whole topic):