Improving the Blender game Engine for basic maritime routes which i make.

Maybe i should post here as already posted on the completed games forum also in the work in progress and demo forum.
However what I make are not games but maritime simulations based on srtm2 satellite data for the terrain.
Routes are 20 km but also have made them at 50 km. What i am after is just some simple basic additions to what are already available however not sure if what I make might not run when the 2.8 or 2.9 series of updates start.

I make the routes a simple as possible as available for others to download. I am working my way around coastal uk and routes are based around 1800 so age of sail but also a few simple paddle steamers in Liverpool 1837 route.
At present I can animate flat semi transparent sea plane to simulate simple rise and fall for wave swell…but also used the same method to make a half tidal rise in the Liverpool Estuary and river Alt route. Working locks I also use the same method. Using logic bricks and timeline

I would like to see true simulations made in the Blender Game Engine and not just small games and a lot can be done as regards maritime, endless scenarios could be made but would need more info on what will work. As present I can colllect cargo from dock quays using invisible function. Ships can be pushed but not linked for tows?

I created a simple method to make boats floating and drivable using offset collision box and changed from dynamic to rigid body to use the locks and narrow channels leading to the many dock gates in Liverpool 1837 route and locks in the Ellesmere Port barge docks. Previously when the barge touched opposite quays at the same time they vibrated furiously and climbed out, but a change to rigid body function seems to have solved it. The locks in the Ellesmere Port of the Liverpool route are now usable with the change to rigid body

Endless types of maritime routes can be created of any era of any part of the world.
I had made about 12 routes at 50 km but ended up deleting them and now keeping to 20 km. Over 10.000 meters either side of xyz centre if the height of selected areas of vertices was typed in they would ‘fly back’ to within 10,000 meters. I eventually found a workaround using keyboard G/Z/-7 (meters). However this would not overwrite and to make -7 it needs plus 2. Altering vertex is essential to create sea, rivers, etc. Linked flat planes function worked to lower the sea.
Also need a simple texturing system. I could add a lot more but details also on my site and downloadable maritime routes. So basically trying to further the cause of ‘basic’ maritime routes in the Blender Game Engine, so to speak. Basic means 1 and half miles of docks in the 1800 liverpool route and three miles of docks in 1837 version and working locks.

Barry. Happy sailing in Blender! :slight_smile: