Improvised Chair Design + Timelapse

Hi, I have not worked with blender for a while and yesterday I had a sudden urge to simply make something, this is what it resulted in:


I’m in love with those pillows! Did you make the textures yourself?

What a lovely design! And I don’t mean only the models, textures and render which are perfect… I mean, I would love to have those chairs! :wink:

Well thank you!

@ killer: Well I didn’t draw the textures by hand if that’s what you meant, I got a good texture from cgtextures and made a bumpmap out of it to use in the texture of the pillow, not the color of the texture itself.

@ ristesekuloski: Everyone needs a couple of chairs/tables :wink:

Did you just use soft bodies on them? I’ve attempted pillows many times but I could never get them looking natural, they were always stiff looking.

@ killer: Well it took me a while to to get the pillows “soft” but I basically did a simple base mesh which I then sculpted on a little and added layers of displacement modifiers to it (look in the demo-file).

Then to get it “stick” to a surface you could do it by either simulating it (as with the one in the demo file) or sculpting it into place (the scene with the chairs above).

Demo file:

The pillow on the right is the base mesh and the one on the left is the finished one, feel free to use them as you wish.

Love it, especially the design of the chairs. That’s awesome how you can just role them over and still use them. :smiley: