Improvised spaceship

I started this project two days ago with a default cube and a mirror modifier. I’ve been adding stuff with a “never delete anything” motto in my head. After one or two hours the ship had a very nice shape and the rest of the time I’ve used adding details and rendering. Texturing and stuff inside the spaceship is still to be done.

A close-up of the thrusters (Blender internal + GI):

Renders (YafRay, two area lamps + GI):

I like the lighting of the last three pics a lot. :smiley: What do you think? Should I change something before going to texturing?


I’m not too happy with the materials yet…

I’d really like to get some comments for this project.

i looks quite cool at the moment but it looks a little…too…uhmmm…blocky at the back area

Added fancy tail lights. I don’t like this render too much, I’ll have to tweak the materials more. The chrome looks good IMO though.

I made a quick test animation with cool glowing edges. It’s uploaded in YouTube:

Ooh! I love the shape and design. How long do thoes images take to render?

These images took something from 2 to 4 minutes to render (Blender internal). I don’t remember how long the renders in the first post rendered.

Made a quick racetrack with array and curve modifiers. Might work as an environment.

I’m working on this project again. Here’s a new scene:
Cool? Please comment.

Nope that looks crap!.. joking! that looks pretty cool and i’m glad this project is back up, waiting for updates :wink:

It’s pretty cool, it kinda looks like some neat lego creation.

i think this should be improvised hovercraft rather than improvised spaceship.

Yeah. Is there a way to edit a post’s title?

yea, just go to first post and click edit then click go advanced and edit the title name.