Im asking someone to prom with this render, and I need all the notes I can get. If you have knowlege of cute, Ghibi style characters, any help would be incredible. I’ve got 4 days left, and I know this is not a big thing in the long run, but it means a lot to me.

Some ideas, with a really quick and very dirty mockup…

1/ Reworked the composition, avoid having the text over the character,
2/ make the charcter look at us
3/ maybe add a mouth smiling ?
4/ darker background , so the character , text and the halo will pop up more. Here it’s a bit too much , can be reworked with better colors and a slight gradient as you did. Maybe add some stars and make it a night scene, the character is then lit by the holographic halo and the text ?
5/ less bright grass, so it attract less the eye,
6/ shadow on the grass, so the character and the grass is better integrated together.
7/ add variations on the grass blades so they haven’t got all the same colors.

Good luck, 4 days lets plenty of time to improve an image !
Let’s see how it goes and tweak that more latter !

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Thank you so much for the critique! Im going to work on all of those as soon as possible

I’ve improved it to your recomendation, and IT LOOKS INSANE! Thank you so much!!!

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Cool ! Indeed it’s working much better, well done !

Isn’t it missing a “?” at the end of the text ?
If possible offset a bit the text so it doesn’t touch the head, you’ll get a better read for the text and the character !

Then, it’s possible to keep tweaking all the tiny details until the end of time… But maybe it’s better to send it as soon as possible unless you send it to a real CG nerd on Artstation…

Good luck !