improvments to the NDOF device support??

I have a space pilot from 3Dconnexion and love that its as functional as it is in blender… but I was wondering if there were or are going to be any more improvements in its capabilities in blender…
In version 2.46 release logs it talks very briefly at the bottom about possible updates/modes that may be added.
I would love if there were some way to more customize what the individual actions do inside blender. In its current state its nice but doesn’t seem to work they way I would prefer. And unfortunately I’m not patient enough to setup stuff to try and figure out how to compile my own version of blender on windows. Just thought I’d post and ask to see if anyone knows. It probably would be easier to implement after the 2.50 interface rework has been implemented… but just wondering.

the driver is pretty flexible in configuring what the buttons do…

in the apricot branch the turntable mode seems to be the right way round now at least! probably in trunk too!

That’s good to hear. I’m looking forward to the release of the official apricot blender builds! Though hopefully in the future there will still be some more improvements in ways that it can be configured.