In 2.54, how do I make hair particles collide with the emitter object?

I have collision enabled for the emitter object, but the hair particles fall and pass right through it. I am using the Hair dynamics.

Is it possible that 2.54 Hair is not fully implemented?

Yes, it’s quite possible. I can’t get hair to collide with separate objects, let alone the emitter :frowning: None of the Collision settings seem to affect hair at all, but there may be a setting I’m missing (though I tried a lot of combinations!)

This problem is still apparently present in 2.55.

Does anyone else have any ideas or suggestions?

This issue is holding up progress on an animation I’m trying to make for a short short-film. :smiley:

I too am waiting for this supposedly excellent feature to be implemented.
As i unterstand, at the moment there’s no other collision check than for the hair itself - so the hair will fall through every other object - no matter what.

To me this, sadly, makes the whole new hair dynamics system useless (except for very short hair) :frowning:

But maybe someone knows how this is supposed to work with longer hair and I just don’t get it?

Hello guys, you can just make a new invisible object in the same shape and then set it as collision, and then just parent it to the emitter