In 2.54, how do you "Tweak Select" in the Timeline window?

I searched a bit but the terms are too common.

I’m trying to select, move and delete Key frames.

Thanks in advance

In a Graph Editor window you can select keyframes, move them with the G key just like the 3d view. X to delete them. Just look in the menu for all the options.
If that’s not what you want you’ll have to be more specific

Okay, thanks! I had thought that you could move keyframes in the Timeline window. Now I just have to figure out what all that stuff in the Graph Editor window means…:eek:

If it’s only keyframes you want to move, use the Dopesheet. The Graph Editor allows you to modify the F-curves more, but might not be what you need for now.

Thanks, that looks like what I am after:eyebrowlift: