in 2.62 how to add a path curve ?

i can add a curve in 2.62 and change it to other curve’s type

but don’t see how you can add a path curve?

now also is it possible that path curve use parabola for interpolation and
3D curve use cubic spline?
like path would have only on control point for each segment but bezier curve have 2 control points = 2 handles ?

what is the difference between a path curve and a 3D curve ?


anyone can help with that one !


Add Curve Path, nothing different.

Alt-s, Ctrl-T to edit at points.
If you add default one you have two endpoints and 3 control points as opposed to 2 endpoints and 4 handles for bezier.
Not sure about math underneath tho.

a path curve is a curve with a flow, the arrows are pointing to a specific direction, a “normal” curve doesn’t.

it is there did not see it ! WOW

may have been added there lately !

you can show handles i think and it shows only one handle for path not 2 as for bezier
it could be

i’ll test some more !

it looks like that path curve are made with parabola bezier curve wtih only one handle 2 degrees
and bezier curve are made with cubic bezier curve with 2 handles 3 degrees

anyone can confirm this ?


depends, you can check 1 of this 2 options “2D” or “3D” in the “Object Data” tab to change the behaviour of your curve in the 3D space.

2D or 3D does not change qty of handles for nurbpath!


what do you mean? subdividing the path?

2D and 3D is just that the curve will be as a plane with fill faces in some cases

but 3D each point has 3 coordinates X Y and Z

but here i’m not talking about that

it’s the intermediary points which are not estimated the same way
for path seems to be using only bezier 2 degrees =parabola equation with one handle point only

but in case of bezier it is using bezier with 2 handles points = cubic equation

simply saying these 2 type of curve don’t use the same algo for interpolation!