In 2.7 why wont faces divide when an edge is placed across them?

Hi all

Im new to the site, and new to blender but Im keen to make a good go of getting to grips with it.

One of the initial problems that Ive encountered building a mesh for a German Rocket Plane from WWII is that on the tail plane mesh section I have made mistakes, gone back and forwards a few times and have found myself in a position where I have had to create edges across a large face, being one side of the tail fin.

I need to subdivide this into different faces and when I create edges across the faces between two vertices it doesnt actually divide the face at all and when I select face it selects the whole tail fin again.

Am I missing a basic operator key or is this indicative of a bigger problem?

Any help would be appreciated



If you are just seelcting two vertices of different sides of a face and press F you are just making an edge between those two vertices. If you want to cut the face you use Mesh / Vertices / Connect menu, shortcut J (read its tooltip)

Hey Richard

Thanks for the heads up. Sorted the problem right out!

Onwards and Upwards eh?