In 2.79, did Quad view change?

I was on an older Blender and finally updated, and I took some time off from it so learning all over again, but I seem to remember (and noted) that in quad view, if you put your mouse over a certain view, when you toggle quad view again that’s the window that will become full screen. But it doesn’t seem to be working. Did it change?


Yes. Yes it did.

Thanks for confirming. Is there now a workaround to it or that functionality just doesn’t exist anymore?

From what I understand, it just doesn’t exist anymore. Now it always goes back to the non-ortho view. Apparently people were getting confused about how the old way worked.

No. It is still, there. That is just an option.
You can disable Lock option under Display panel of 3D View properties and it will work as you want.

Ah! I’d overlooked that. Thanks for pointing it out.