In A Corner

Hello, This is a project I’m working on. I’m building it from a photograph I took. I’m still working on the modeling and lighting, then I will tackle textures. The bricks are too uniform, I plan on “roughing” them up. If you have any tips or crits I would love to hear them.

Been playing with the lighting and did a little more modeling. I pushed the bricks around with sculpt tools. There are only base materials on the brick and morter, still have to add textures.

I have some textures if you would like those. Granite counter tops, kitchen floors. I have made them tileable.

Looking good. No real crits to far. Look forward to your progress.

The knife block has no visible slots… it bugs me…

Added more textures. I have not done much texturing in the past, so this has been a learning experience. Still have to finish canisters and knives. Need to add some more texture to bricks and temperature marks on toaster oven and stove.

I have stared at this for 15 minutes straight, and have no real critique to give… I guess you should take the fact that you haven’t really gotten any critique yet to mean that you have done a spectacular job so far… :smiley:

Edit: I did just see a rather strange white spot in your brick texture between the stove and the vent/hood on the far right of the image… But I wouldn’t worry about it much, as I barely notice it.

I think I’m pretty close to calling it done