In A little Forum

I was in the blade mistress forum and someone asked if there was any free small download 3d modelling software immediately everyone said NO then i posted and said YES here is what i said:

[align=justify]color=orange]Forget everything anyone ever said to you about there being no powrful 3D modelling osftware on the internet thats completely free and has a small download (BIG BREATH) This is the era of Blender![/color][/align][




It Rivals 3DS Max but It’s FREE And It Is Constantly getting better and better with an inbuilt game engine and rendering engine (but you can get plug ins) it is the new era in 3D modelling!

here are some of the examples of what it can do:

Sure i have to admit some of these people have queer imaginations (well considering i’m one of them though none of those pics are mine)LOL. But the capalities are amazing!

(sorry about teh last bit but well can you challenge that statement lol)

Thats just well just general talk not really related to anyhting thnk you for reading.

sorry to say but those are not the best examples of what blender can do… you should show them some of Blitz, endi, or @ndy’s work :wink: don’t know which one is my favourite though

i know btu god this guy (or girl) has never used any 3D modelling software before when i showed him this he was amazed

I’m still hip to the idea of changing the splash screen to convince people it’s a condensed hacked version of Maya or Lightwave.