In a While

This is my Latest work, Its a photo-reference render of my Instagram friend Thomas Cleary’s Photography. I modeled the main object and added some dust and Volumetric Effect to the scene.
Worked with Blender 2.70, Rendered with Blender Cycles with Samples of 500.
Render Time: 28:45.09
Post Work: Gimp (Added Lens Flare, Extra Noise, Plant in Front, Color Correction)
Hope You Liked it…

Nice work!!! Gorgeous render! I’d try a little bit higher res texture on the wood though.

Very nice! I like it. :slight_smile:

The lens flare is a bit too much for my taste and I think your torch is missing its oil container :confused:
Apart from that the modelling looks solid and the textures are nice and crisp, especially the metal part looks just like oily and dirty lid you would expect from such torch.