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Please be more specific about what you’re posting. I’m no sheep, I don’t click on random links people post.

They are a couple of clips that I found humorous, involving movie “voice over” (key art) performers.

The first one is the trailer for the movie “Comedian”, with Hal Douglas.

The second one is the short film “Five Men in a Limo”, featuring
Don LaFontaine and five other top voice-over artists.

The last one is an entry from the 10 Second club using the soundtrack from the Comedian trailer.


that 2nd one cracked me up. i wish i had a voice like that.

Well the second clip has 6 voices in it, is that they clip you’re talking about (“5 Men in a Limo”) ? … or the Comedian clip with Hal Douglas in the recording studio?

My favorite line in “5 Men in a Limo”, is when the driver says
“Well are we prepared to move on to the ceremony ?” and then Nick Tate says (with the accompanying ominous music) “Prepared? Nothing …could ever prepare you for what awaits you … at the ceremony.”

I also like the end where they each put their own spin on what the ceremony means :

Al: You know Clinton, you may call them the awards … but for the few with the real courage to call themselves vendors …

Don: It’s gonna be the white knuckle thrill ride of the year !

Nick: For some… it’s a night of un-ending suspense and terror !

John: But for others, a heart warming affirmation of the can do American Spirit …inside us all!

Mark: Featuring all your favorite vendors ! Aspect ratio ! BLT ! Creative
Domain ! Gazzoo, Zineger, Interlink, Trailer Park, NewWave, Craig Murray,
CBO, BD fox !, The Idea Place, Geronimo, Kaleidiscope.