in Action Editor select Animation

hey guys,

i have a tiny problem, i search a Python Command the in [Dope Sheet > Action Editor]
selecting a Animation (in Collection).

i saw the Python access[“Walk_Anim”] but i can’t find the exact reference.

her one example by my problem:
I have the Animation:

  1. " Crouch_Anim "
  2. " Idle_Stand "
  3. " Jump_Up "
  4. " Walk_Anim "

my Skeleton use now “Walk_Anim” but i wish try to set him on “Idle_Stand” (but only with a Python Command)

my question is now, how is the right Python Command for the selecting the Animation in the Collection.

[SUP]best regards[/SUP]
[SUP]- TheDevil[/SUP]

[SUP]P.s. hopefully you can understand what I wrote.[/SUP]