In Blender can you Create Polygons like in Maya?

The workflow that Dave Komorowski uses in this tutorial is very intuitive to my own workflow and I was wondering if I could use this modelling method in Blender?

He uses Create Polygons to make vertical and horizontal contours of the object.

How would I go about doing this?


Add>Mesh>Plane. Delete 3 verts. Select remaining vert and extrude (E key) following the contours as in the tutorial. That should work for you.

Use ALT+M to weld verts together, from different contour lines, or select verts (up to 4) and use F key to make face.

Use planes and UV mapping to put up the blueprint to work from, or use the backbuf system.


Also, ctrl+Lmb will create a new vertex in any mesh.

I used a combination of both of your suggestions…

to get into Mesh mode I added a mesh plane then deleted all of it. Then started clicking CTRL + LMB to create my linked control verts.

I use the F Key to connect the vert in one contour line to another.

That works really well. The only only problem is that you cannot link a line of verts more than one vert at a time.

And when lofting the verts into faces. Only 4 verts at a time… :frowning:

It is a very slow, time consuming and painstaking process. Is there any way to speed this up and make it easier?

well, selecting a group of verts and pressing Shift-F will take any number of verts and face them. however, the resulting topology is not very pretty. Beauty fill makes things a bit better but depending on what you want, you may have to go back and rework the topology after Shift-F. If you don’t care about the topology and its not going to be subsurfed, Shift-F is fine though.

Also, if you extrude a lot of edges at once it’ll create the faces for you. The ctrl clicking and extruding a single vertice are just ways to get started… once your screen starts filling up a little more you should be extruding larger lines of verteces.

If you use SHIFT+F then ALT+F (fill then beauty fill) then use ALT+J to convert triangular faces to quads. (Might need to repeat ALT+J)


woah, never knew the alt-J trick :o . Curse (and bless) these not so documented features.

When in edit mode for an object, press space bar, select edit menu from the left hand list, convert to tri’s and to quads plus lots of other useful tricks.

Also use the new hotkey list to check for new tricks, from help menu along from file menu.