In Blender, How do I Change Colours?

I recently added hair to a head through the particles system. Now the head colour is always blue. Whenever I try to change the head colour, It only changes the hair colour:eek:. Please help:(

Anyone At All???

Oh, sorry, guy, you got caught in a shift change. Night crew isn’t on yet. While you’re waiting, post some info about what specifically you’ve done with the color. Have you set the hair color? How? How are you attempting to change the head color? Have you added any materials to any of this?

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I have constant frustrations with materials too. Guess you must have at least 2 Material Indexes in the Edit buttons - Links and Materials tab. You need to make sure that one of these is assigned to the mesh. It will have a material attached. Editing that should affect only the mesh. In your particles area, in the Visualisation panel, make sure that Material is set to the other material index. Editing the material associated with that material index should only affect the hair. However, I have lots of problems with this too, so maybe I’ve got it all wrong.

ETA Once you have assigned a material index (say index 1) to the mesh in the Links and Materials tab, I think you MUST click on to the other material index in that tab before attempting to edit the other material, otherwise Blender just assigns the other material back to material index 1, and hence to the mesh. It’s actually the index and not the material that’s assigned to the mesh (I think). It would be handy if the Links and Materials tab was available in the Material editing context.

Suggestion: Have 2 buttons windows, one set to edit buttons and the other to material buttons. Changes in one frequently cause changes in the other, so its good to see whats happening. Maybe an OOPS window too…