in chase of some symbols...

I’m thinking about some sort of logo for my business - the name is “otwarta pracownia” [polish] - roughly translated would sound like “open lab” or so…

Will not ask You to give me the logo ideas (I don’t want it like that!), but bunch of some sort of freestyle symbolic associations with the adjective “open”, so I would have kind of breeding-ground for further work with the logo.

Thx in advance

here’s mine contribution:
hope these help

here’s mine contribution:
hope these help

… ???

@ jendrzych
give us some info and details , what kind of labs is it ?
chemicals ? , elctronics ?

bye .

How’s it going
3DGURU - long time no hear.

yeah , i’m daily here in the forums , how are you , i just finished exams before 2 days :slight_smile: .

I’m quite impressed - you are studing and still manage to pull out great art-work at Blender. Dude - you are a machine!

this went really off-topic…

I thought that the business profile doesn’t matter cause didn’t want to restrict Your imagination, but if it would help You - it’s architectural studio.
OK then? :slight_smile:

What I’d like to get from You?
Some concepts You do associate with the word “open” (taking into consideration all its meanings).
No pictures, just words.

ok , open … open … open …

[ maybe clouds and sun rays and curtains through them ]

, they indicate open-ness
and they are above a building which isn’t completed

and , there are other ideas i can think of …
hope that helps

~ edit , the building should be cartoony .

bye .

labs brings to mind a glass beaker

PapaSmurf , i was about to say this , but didn’t knew it’s name >_< , thanks .

so… PapaSmurf read your mind to steal all the glory… Fascinating.

How about a lab, in a natural setting? Like on a cresenct moon, or sitting on top of the leaves of a tree.

Or maybe you could have a padlock that is unlocked?
oops my bad. Forgot about the i don’t want ideas part. I still don’t really understand what you mean by just freestyle symbolic whatevers :smiley:

Padlock is nice.
Some other examples of what I expect:

  • a ready to pack cardboard
  • an arrow
  • a gemma
    having piles of such, I could chew them and get some nice pictogram (abstract maybe).

Maybe You find it strange, but I usually work such way - long time interviewing, collecting ideas and then drawing, drawing, drawing…
To be honest that’s how architect’s conceptual work look like :smiley:

… and focus on the “open” please. I should have say “atelier” or “studio” not “lab”.

open labs - ok I think I understand what your after:
open tongs (this could be interpretated as scary in some cultures particularly western society where they can associate this with a painful dentist visit)
open arms (with floating architects tools there)

Things I can think of that are, or can be, open (although, not necessarily easy to illustrate):

container - which is very general, as it could be a box/present, can, case (as in computer) . . .