In Cosmos Laundromat. I never liked the look of Victor. There I said it

Just look at him.

Stylistically, I feel that his look suited the film. But I can see where you’re coming from, he could look better. I liked Franck though :sheep:

Franck was great.

I thought that was the point.

…with a haircut he could look like Prince Harry… someone also wanting to opt out… just sayin’

I don’t have an issue with Victor’s look.

What I do take issue with, however, is that the Blender Institute is making Agent 327 instead of Cosmos Laundromat! The Agent 327 short was fun, but Cosmos left me hangin. Who, or what, is Victor? A god? Maybe something else? And will Franck love or regret his new life as a butterfly. I want more! :grin:


I agree with @cgCody, the film left a lot of intrigue that I would like to see resolved, that said, I don’t care where the blender company takes their films, as long as they promise to keep making them!

That said, regarding Victor, while his design is not necessarily wide spread appealing, his design works, and I wouldn’t change it personally. He looks unique, and that helps make the film memorable.


Going a bit mainstream is never wrong. Looks are important. There is nothing compelling about Victor odd look. Maybe it’s the red realistic skin and artificial orange hair that is off. His lips are not lips that goes with rest of the face. His neck is as thick as his finger. There are so many mixes of styles that throwing him off.

The whole thing was a flop.

You can do everything right and still lose. Such is life. The best thing the Blender Institute could do is to let it go.

I remember Ton making a harsh review of Finding Dory after Cosmos Laundromat flopped hard. Couldn’t help but smile.

It wasn’t a flop as the industry started to open eyes on Blender for the visuals it can make. However the story telling is nothing to take home. Only bigbucksbunny had a general success as the story was simple and the character rememberable and cute. I saw an other concept art of Victor that was hundred folds better than this version. He was a edgy, black haired, younger person that looked more positive. I wish I could find that concept but I can’t fin it online.

Edit: Found it:

If you’re going for the orange look:


Dunno – I kind of like him. Anytime anyone does a character in an animated film, there has to be a decision of how realistic he’s going to be. The design of a character says a lot about him – consider for instance the evil-squirrel(?) in Big Buck Bunny. Or his dopey sidekick. Even Buck himself. Victor was designed to always have a bad hair day, anywhere he goes.

Personally, I’d like to see Laundromat be finished. There’s some very creative screenwriting there. An interesting and not-superficial backstory.

While we on the subject, i don’t like Springs characterdesign neither. Kinda boring. That said, i like Big Buck, Frank and Agent.

Whaaat!!! I love those concept arts, it still is a alternative look, the final one is also alternative, but in the cliche way lol…

someone mentioned there making another agent 327 i think that will be fantastic, laundromat and even spring did not hit the mark for me

A full length feature film, in fact.

That’s kind of meh too, it’s like tumblr fun art of an anime or manga.

wow that will be fantastic

Maybe a bit OT here, but do you have any insights, in which countrys this is going to be seen? My perception is that Agent is pretty much a dutch thing only. I never heard or seen of him before the connection to Blender.

Nothing beyond what’s on the website. It says they’re targeting an international release, whatever that means. For a big budget animated film that might entail swapping select scenes for ones that make more sense for the target cultures, but I don’t know that the Blender Institute has that kind of budget.

I liked the guy, hated the sheep. It’s all subjective.