In cycles is possible to make a lamp or Emitter object just affect one type of shader

For get some Glossy lamps, difuse lamps as in the internal?.
I think is posible with light paths but i can’t set it up

you can make this easier: just check the raytype you want in the object/ray visibility panel

all checked = the object is visible for all ray type

none checked = the object is totally invisible
(edit: totally invisible will be the object itself, while the light will still be emitted!)

ray types (think of them checked one at time):
camera = the object is visible to camera;
diffuse = visible to diffuse objects (basically it should cast GI on sorrounding objects…I think);
glossy = the object is visible to glossy (it gets reflected);
transmission = the object is visible by transmission (ie behind a glass);
shadow = the object stops light rays (or you might want to say it projects its own shadow);

this method should also be faster than using nodes because it doesn’t make any further “node operation” to decide whether a ray is to be followed or not

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:o thanks i will try it