In depth explanation of the logic behind using SHIFT,ALT or CTRL in shortcuts?

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Would anyone have an idea if there’s a logic behind the use of SHIFT,ALT or CTRL in the shortcuts?
For the use of a letter, there is often a logic, as it is for example the first letter of a command, like S for Scale, R for Rotate, G for Grab. I would be happy if someone found a logic behind the use of CTRL instead of SHIFT ? Can anyone share with me his/her toughts?

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well both or all three are used. it’s just a modifier to free more combos. (what i think)

shift: add or create
ctrl: apply
alt: remove/reset

this is my idea at least how it works in the game engine.(but i don’t know all functions so just my thoughts)

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Would anyone have to happen an excel document of all shortcuts?
So I can easily see where are the similaritys of the use of CTRL or SHIFT in shortcuts?
I like the idea given by Cotaks, saying the differences mentioned here above

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… and you can re-map them, I think, to suit your fancy.

The surest way is to look at the preferences: all shortcuts are there and customizable. You can even search for a particular command to find the shortcut or search by shortcut to see what command it performs.

It gives you 8 times the amount of potential shortcuts on your keyboard: a, shift+a, ctrl+a, alt+a, shift+ctrl+a, shift+alt+a, ctrl+alt+a, shift+ctrl+alt+a.

It also allows you to cluster more shortcuts in a small area for your left hand (given you use the mouse right handed), which means less movement around the keyboard. That’s 48 potential shortcuts just for the six closest keys to the modifiers.

It allows for more logic in your shortcuts. g for Grab, and ctrl+g for Group.

a few years back we work on a script to list all short-cut
and there were more then 3000 !
so cannot really learn all of them !LOL

happy bl