In-Dome open project[Bugfixing 1]

I am opening my first team project called In-Dome. I am gone make a game, where player gets trapped inside of huge building. Someone puts a very huge dome onto building so it is almost impossible to get out. Player’s goal is to avoid enemies(building guards and creatures with modified DNA) or kill them, find the keys, solve puzzles and get our of building. The game style will be similar to first series of Resident evil games, especially first series. I am looking for people who might help me. Remember, so this game might become commercional project, and if so, than evryone, who will be in credits(people who will join) might get some protif. Lets hope so it will happen like that, but for that I need some good scripters and modellers. Evryone is free to join now- just post a reply here or send me a private message.

Rebooted at 10 June 2015!

Current Progress log:


  • Made simple character!
  • Walk animations done!
  • Started environment design!
  • Basic inventory system, easy to use!
  • Inventory animation!
  • Camera switch!
  • Weapon equip!
  • Sounds!
  • Player stops when wall is in front of him!


  • Fixed the gradual framerate loss, thanks scorpion81!
  • Fixed no sound played when aiming downwards and shooting!

Todo list:

  • Improve the game logic, made script easier editable!
  • Improve environment design!
  • Get more team members to work on models and textures!
  • Add more items and scenes!
  • Make scenes use pre-rendered very low poly high-res texture based background elements! Already using invisible colliders to improve the performance as this game doesn’t require very smooth collision.

Join us now and discover exciting development of games!:slight_smile:
More info at my blog:


Hi adriansnetlis ! your game project sounds interesting and I am sure that some people might be interested in your game project.

It would be nice to see some artwork or screenshots of your game…

Check out some of my blends on the website, who knows, you might find something that will help you in your game projects…

OK! I will start to create my game soon. Thanks for the link- halo trees looks like useful:)

Moving project to my group page. Please, join my group Adris 3D game development and help me making this. I currently need a people to set-up and modell an intro movie.

We are looking for more people- please join us so we can make enviornment and other stuff… We need renderers, modellers and scripters…

So I have done inventory and animations so far.

New update:

Hi there, I see you have started to work on this game project, GJ…

Yes! If you wish you can join me. Currently I am working on shooting mechain:) The reload script might be problem, but I think I know a resolvement for it…:slight_smile:

I will do what I can to help you adriansnetlis, just send me a PM and ask me for whatever it is you need.

Check out my profile regularly and have a look at my recent posts in the GE forums.

Out of curiosity ! is the game “In-Dome” situated in a modern context, or could this game be situated in the future ?

What if the game would be in the year 2115 and all the “criminals” or “people considered as guilty” are sent to “The-Dome”, living in the dome would be a bit like in the film Battle-Royale…

This is a bit different story- there is a aristocratic man fro kinda dynasty living in castle. He is ill and he is trying to get cures for him(for his genetic illness) so he experiments with people. Some people of his experiments die, but he founds a specific mutation on one of experiment victums and than it transforms into poferful monster type creature. It follows the orders of “creator”. Finding that useful, the aristocrate makes a secret laboratory for creating monsters right under his lab. Than he tries to get more people for experimenting so he makes a scream soind in his computer and plays it. The player hers that and thinks so he must help someone so he goes to castle. After that player discovers all by degrees till finally kills the aristocrate, but than he got a problem- as the aristocrate puts on dome so noone can escape and tell others about there, the player gets locked in. After that player should resolve the hardes puzzle system in game in limited time to get out of the dome. It will basicly look like first resident evil series, but the zombies wont be zombies, but different, even more skilled creatures as well as some roboguards and othe enemies(also bosses etc.).

What I need now is a good 9mm handgun model with very low poly count(no more than 100) and nice looking, but low resolution textures on it including a nroaml map. I am bad texture artist so I want someone else to make this- who want to do it for me?

Another update here:

Improved some aniations, materials, added a new item- weapon.

Nice textures buy the way, I downloaded the game, but still haven’t had time to try anything out yet…

He, he… By the way you just bought the way:D (I always like to chicane others’ words):wink: Don’t worry, I will soon give you the latest version, but, the thing I need is face textures- I have currently put a basic texture from google, but I need someone to bake face normals and texture that looks good without modifying the face mesh…

No problem adriansnetlis ! :slight_smile: , as I said, just ask me what it is you want and send me a link to a folder…

I will send you link to file and you, please, make a face textures and normals on the character;)

Another update with reloading and shooting is here:

nice :open_mouth: hm why is the camera so static? or its supposed to be like resident evil? Anyway, i didnt see any open project done yet, Good luck!

Can you please share me a tip how to make the blender interface transparent like that?

Well, it IS supposed to look like Resident evil(I like Resident evil very much). Thanks for “Good luck!”:smiley: About that transparent design- you can fins it somewhere in user preferences, at Theme->3D view->Region Background or just go to System and select Overlap or something similar to that…