In edit mode, how to move vertices based on orientation of another object OUTSIDE of current obj?

While in edit mode, how to move a set of vertex selection based on the orientation of another object OUTSIDE of the current object ?

You have a cylinder rotated 49 degree, the cylinder’s local up is obviously going to be 49 degree.

I created another box and select say two vertices, I want to move it at the same angle (49 degree) as the cylinder, how do I tell Blender to use the Cylinder’s local as reference ?

Change transform orientation to local, select both, then enter edit mode to move both objects in the local coordinates of the active object.

I usually use the 3d cursor for that. (Select object which coordinate system you want to use, shift+s - snap cursor to selection, select the object you wish to edit, go into edit mode, set transform orientation to cursor)

edit: BlenderSplendors suggestions seems better

Love you @BlenderSplendor!
I still appreciate your help @tobbew.

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