In Edit Mode, paint your selection of vertices?


I have a 3d model of a heart. I use Sketchup, one day hoping to make the shift to Blender.

I’d like to separate the model into pieces… I was wondering when I’m in Edit Mode if I can paint a selection (like click hold and paint) to select all the little vertices? As opposed to Shift clicking and/or dragging a marquee. The object is very organic and the marquee won’t work the way I want it to.

In Sketchup I’d have to Shift+Click everything or marquee drag, and this is too complex of a model to do so.


Press ‘C’ you will see a circle and you can adjust the size of the influence with the mouse wheel. Select by using LMB, deselect by pressing MMB, exit out of the mode by pressing the RMB or ESC key.

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Hi ajm,

Thanks for your help. This works amazingly.

Once I select the mesh I want to separate it, yet keep it in place. Is there a cut and past in place command?

Also is it possible to paint textures in the way you described? Meaning load a color and then paint it to the faces?

Potential issue: Is it possible to select-paint through? So say I have a tube, in this case it’s a human heart valve. It has a certain thickness so the mesh has an inside as well (not just a flat mesh). I thought maybe I could paint through, adjust the camera so what’s behind it is what I intend to select. Maybe an X-ray mode so I could so semi-transparent mesh so I can see if I’ve selected the inside correctly.

Thanks again.

Select vertices and press P while in edit mode to separate them from the original mesh.

Hi Mark,

Thanks. It worked.

Once I separated it, I wanted to just give a solid color to it, so when I export to Pshop CS5 the meshes are separated. If I export to a DAE and the meshes are separated yet have the same exact texture they will not be recognized as separated. How can I give that newly separated mesh it’s own texture? Whenever I select it in object mode to apply a color material to it, it applies it to all mesh (even if separated from it).


In Edit Mode, [Tab], you can select certain faces and assign them one material (using the [assign] button in the top pain of the materials window. -Materials Window; on your right hand side, mouse over the spherical icons till you get the one that gives the tool tip “Materials” then press it).

Hey Dan,

That really helped me out.

I selected parts of the mesh, assigned a material to them. I then go to Pshop CS5 Extended and import the 3D model. The one mesh shows as having multiple materials that I can then texturize in Photoshop.

This is great because if I paint directly on a singular material mesh in Photoshop the paint gets funky on the corners. Now I can separate out materials that only apply to certain areas of the mesh so my textures look clean.


Thanks ajm!

You’re welcome