In Edit Mode, Scale Multible Mesh Parts To Multible Medium Points Same Time


I have one mesh and 15 000 separate parts, i need to select all and scale 0,
but not to the average medium point of all separate mesh parts,
i need to scale to every single 15 000 medium ponts.

Another problem is how to select in one mesh (edit mode) intersecting parts.
But when 2 parts intersect, then i need to select only 1 mesh part that intersects with other (not both), maybe the smaller one and delete it. Also there is like 15 000 fluid particles, i can’t do it one by one.

Thank you if u can help me, it would be so awesome :eyebrowlift:

The answer to your first problem is “manipulate object centers only”, the Icon next to your viewport display mode selection. 3 objectcenter dots with a bi-directional arrow below.

Second one, I guess you got to write a script. You could also try Meshlab and see if it has a function. I think to remember it can fix intersecting geometry.

Thanks arexma,

I hope “manipulate object centers only” works in edit mode or there is way to give thousands of objects mesh data center points from medium points.
I’m will test in few hours as soon as my fluid sim finishes.

Scale to individual origins totally exists nice :slight_smile:
Hadn’t used it before.

I found something for second problem (to select intersecting object)

MeshLab - filters - selection - small component selection.
Just every small component ratio value doesn’t work, i need to experiment what value is best (it seems 0.9 and 1.0 are good values)

Small component selection doesn’t work that well for large mesh with very different component sizes.
Anyways in blender there is option to select faces that are connected with edge that has more than 2 faces connected,
from there i can delete and sellect non manifold edges and ctrl + L and delete.

MeshLab crashes a lot can’t even close holes (gives error “expression: f->FFp(z)f->FFp(f->FFi(z))==f”).
I know how to get the work done with VrMesh but latest demo version has no option to save work,
and the full version costs US $2,995 :frowning:

Now i reconstruct Blender fluid sim data pointcloud with MeshLab and it’s not yet crashed after 2 hours.
Blender mesh had 43 000 holes after removing self intersecting faces.

MeshLab finished after ~ 4 hours doing Surface Reconstruction: Ball Pivoting, of point cloud.
And it ROCKS :cool:, there is only 2102 intersecting faces now, compared to Blender’s 43 000.