In game added objects bug

Okay so im working on a test where a table breaks (so it deletes the original mesh and adds debris objects). But when the objects are added they come out completely flat even tho their meshes are just the split up version of the original model. Even when i set it to just add a cube instead of the debris objects the cube comes out flat. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this:spin:

BTW the first image is the original table, the second is what happens when objects are added, and the last image is the split up mesh on another layer with convex hull and box physics bounds.


How exactly are you adding the objects to the scene?

You should just use replace mesh instead of that.

Are the objects you are generating parented to anything. I have had problems with the stretching issue in game mode if I parent an object to another parented object.

Ah I fixed it!
All i had to do was apply scale to object data of the original mesh and now its working perfectly.