In Game Armature Movement

I am creating a 3rd person shooter game and I think I got the Base of the whole look and movement set up. However I can’t figure out how to make my guy move his arm’s up and down when Aiming. I can parent the Arm’s to an object but I can’t make that object move up and down in game so the arm’s will follow them while not in Game mode. Anyone have an Idea how this can be done?

If your arms are “mesh/objects” alone use IPO curves and actuators to animate them
If the arms are controlled by an Armature you should use the Action Editor and actuator.

I would have the arms as a separate mesh with its own armature. Parent the armature to the spine of the other armature (parent to bone.) Then, have the “arm armature” rotate along the local x-axis, just like a fps. The camera can be parented to the arms, so it’s always facing the right direction.

I’ve thought about that but a problem occurred when I was thinking about it. How would you solve the problem to where the Arm Meets the Body. If it’s separate Meshes you would be getting an Action Figure Looking Effect.

I used a similar way to Magnum’s idea (it’s a bit different but still involves separate meshes) in the game I’m working on and it looks great. Though that’s probably because of the character model.