In game camera.. or no camera

So… this is a bit confusing to me, although I will manage to make it work.
If you start the game, not looking through a camera… the game starts running… exactly as you see it on your screen. If then, you switch to a camera, you see it from that point of view, but also with everything around the outside viewable area of the camera.

BUT… if you start the game while looking through the active camera. The only thing you see is what is in the viewable camera area. Then switching to a different camera, you also get to see only what is in the viewable area of that camera.

Is this normal? If so, why? Also, is there a way to make it so the viewable area of the camera is more than a rectangle that is very small and hard to see?

When rendering… I know it renders everything in the viewable area… but the resolution is jacked up, so you can make it as big as you want… in game… the viewable area is very small. Maybe some settings or something.

Primarily: Whenever you switch to a Camera, press [Home] to fit it into the Viewport.
This is what you should be looking for.

Secondarily: In the Render Tab you also can set the Display > Framing, which is set to Letterbox by Default. I recommend you don’t change that in Order to get an appropriate Image of what your Game will look like.

Yea… that makes it a little bigger… Thx.

One of the things that is soo frustrating trying to learn how all of this works is not having one single goto place to learn info. Well… this is it actually, but I hate bugging, and I would rather research ALL of the info myself. The only problem is, you try to learn how to do something simple, and end up watching a half a dozen youtube tutorials on things that are outdated, or to find out they are not doing what you are trying to do… grrr. Im currently trying to find out how to mouse over things… and when the mouse is clicked, the object is returned. Ive spent half a day researching, and normally something like that takes 10 minuites of research. GRRRRR Ok… back to research. THX