I want to use the text object, and “screens” in my game to allow the player to “hack” as well as just use computers,

This is for project Wrectifed, and is almost a project unto itself,
however since all game assets will be mit 3.0 the scipts can used / deposited here on BA for all to use.

Any takers?

I am not good enough, with this level of python complexity this would require, as well as a low logic usage,
(only computes anything when the data is entered)

this system should either use a ray, or a collision event to get which item your interfacing with,

here is a early prototype I was working on, however it is much more simple than what we need.
I have not used it/ messed with the file in months and realize it’s a mess :smiley:

all contributors to the project will be named in the credits, and the programer of the OS will also be credited in the game in a easter egg file, hidden on all computers somehow.


Bill.blend (541 KB)

Do you want to learn how to do it through asking questions and tinkering yourself or are you expecting people in the support forum to do it for you?

If people do it for you, how are you going to learn, because flooding the code with comments can’t always take care of everything (because you also have to learn how to read the code style done by other people and some things may even require a lookup on

If you really need to be held by the hand, there’s some people who signed on to your project who may be willing to tackle a programming todo list that you would put out for others to optionally tackle for you, but all the hand holding in the world will not help if in the end, you’re not yet able to code complex scripts on your own.

I’m not really putting you down, I’m just kind-of taken aback a little with a thread that gives the impression that your coding skills may not have seen significant improvement after many intensive Q&S sessions.

I have about no time to do anything,

I am “parting out the game” because it is a team project,

for instance I have to leave right now to take my daughter for a walk…

If you don’t wish to help, then don’t.

I am not saying I can’t write this, I am saying I am not the best person here to do it.

I know it would look something like this

For items in list “Directory” create string with “item 1” return , “item 2” etc.

I just don’t have enough time to write a OS.

Also note, that I am trying to bring us all together on one project even for a moment.

Working on a team project is an option that people choose to do on their own, creating a support thread as an attempt to bring this in as their project through holding your hand I could easily see as something that either would not exactly work as planned or backfire altogether. It might indeed be tolerated, but a good ethical principle of team projects is that they have a lot of involvement and code/logic/graphics work from the team leader (and with project Wrectified that leader is you). If you expect to be so busy that you don’t have time to work on it yourself, then the observation of seeing past projects go bust tells me that it would be a naive assumption to expect the project to mostly continue on autopilot and done by other people without the leader’s participation.

To note from experience here, I have faced many logic challenges with my game, but instead of parceling it out in an attempt to make my project the entire community’s project, I sit down and apply code ideas in trial and error until I figure it out. Now it is true that I don’t have a daughter to take of, but the basic principle of learning on your own (perhaps with some help from others), is the same.

Now I will let the other community members decide if project Wrectified becomes their project for a short period, but I wouldn’t expect it to become the project of the entire BGE community (which we’ve been trying to tell you off and on for months).

On a final note, for anyone to properly help, you need to give a lot more detail as per the planned complexity and functionality of the system, also, it would help that you start giving more proper names for some of your .blend files (you made this thread about coding an in-game OS yet the file is called ‘Bill’?), and maybe some concept code snippets as well if you decide to at least provide a base.

The idea, when looking at a computer screen, have the use button trigger a ray, the ray detects the screen, and initializes python to manipulate a text object that is layered over the screen, (the text object is added at the time you trigger the script, so you don’t have 100’s of text objects)

The “Os” brings up everything that is a in a directory, by manipulating a string,

the player inputting a command, will trigger a small python or logic script linked to the command, like open a door, or download a file etc.

bring them in to hold your hand

I am asking for help, with a project on a certain problem, that some people are better suited to solve than I,
You are on that list of people,

No Matter how long it takes wrectified is progressing,

With over 1000 posts on it’s second thread,
and 40,000 views, I would say there is interest.

The specific “puzzle piece” could also be thought of a dialog manager or OS, for other peoples games…
and would be a nice resource for the community as a whole,

Not exactly, I mean in features.

If people decide to do this for you, do you just want it to be a virtual file explorer like the one in Windows are you wanting this to really go all out like doing simulated downloads, file selection/moving, task managing and aborting, virtual drivers ect…

I will note that the more complex you make the specifications, the higher the chance that someone’s not just going to ‘do the whole thing’ because they have projects of their own and may not want to shelve it to work on Wrectified mechanics.

The specific “puzzle piece” could also be thought of a dialog manager or OS, for other peoples games…
and would be a nice resource for the community as a whole,

Then you will need to understand that it can’t exactly be coded in a way that’s specific to Wrectified (if you want more people to use it that is), it would have to be a highly generic system that can be expanded or adapted to certain projects, that means you will have edit the system yourself to adopt it to your game’s needs.

I have been working on the project where I can, and helping others when I can’t think of what to do in my own project for … months?

I have written whole (all be it small) game play mechanics systems, just to give someone a example…

solving problems is fun to me, but when they get above what I know how to do, I ask…

I have not done enough with converting lists into “truncated?” strings
(so they all fit on the screen)

nor have I a deep understanding of how to set up a text input method…

Editing the text of a text object in game should be fairly easy to do, just create a game property and use the ‘property’ actuator to assign the value of the built in text property to the value of the new property. Then in your code, it will be that property’s value that you change whenever you need the text object to say something different.

Also, about strings, learning all of the operations you can do with them is not something you will find on Luckily, you can find all you need to know on string manipulation and checking on this reference page on (which has a rather large list of functions you can use for editing, formatting, checking, ect…)

If by OS you mean the combination of a:

  • Desktop Environment
  • Window Manager
  • Widget Toolkit

That’s a lot of work.

If you want people to join your project, you have to think of your project as a startup/business trying to attract investors. The business is your open-source project and the investors are the developers. The main difference between the analogies is incentive. This being an open-source project, the incentive is primarily passion rather than money. I guess rather than show how much money-earning potential it has, you show how much potential it has to be creative and inspire others. Nonetheless certain things apply to both.

If you don’t provide strong leadership, organized management, projected goals, a roadmap, expectations, documentation, etc., nobody will want to help because from the start, they can’t even understand your present idea nor what the future holds and what they get in return. And as the leader, you gotta lead by example meaning if you’re not doing most of the work then you’re not leading.

I mean it’s good to ask for help but you need to flesh out your ideas and make them presentable; you need to be specific. For example, when I check out your Project Wrecktified thread, I can’t figure out what it actually is. It doesn’t say what genre it is. It doesn’t lay out any dates or goals. It doesn’t list out the team or who’s in charge. It lays out a story, but without context. There is no documentation to guide new developers into understanding the framework you created, and documentation is very important since no one has time to figure out what you created. I don’t mean to be rude and I know you stated your situation before, but your writing is discombobulated and hard to follow; the punctuation and formatting is inconsistent and too much unecessary double spacing.


Game summery

All things in game are modular, that can be,

Enemy systems are comprised of pieces the player uses to solve puzzles, build vehicles, and recycle to convert into new components, or weapons armor etc.

These modular pieces communicate via rays, and currently work, but need some love,

Kevin_C has been working on “Snap” which smoothly locks together components and aligns them,

So in game, a enemy robot head, is like a “sensor” block, that broadcasts data about the players location, via a ray into the torso, and the torso in turn sends the information to the arms + legs,

another feature we have made for the project is “TourqeTrackTo” and “ForceMoveTo” which are python scripts that allow a rigid body to use torque and forces to attempt to meet a condition.

here are some .blends,

but the idea is modular components + LOD and low polygons with high detail normal maps,

to make a game that is kind of unlike any other game.


3dLogicNodeTest(computer).blend (791 KB)MousePhysicsDemo (Current).blend (984 KB)

The OS, will be used to interact with the world, as computers already are everywhere, and this will be in a distant future setting.

  1. Please be precise in what you describe.
    An OS manages hardware directly. Linux is an OS. Windows actually two different OSes (Win95/98/ME and WinNT/2000/XP/Vista/7 ).
    Writing your own OS is downright crazy.
    What you describe seems to be a desktop environment/widget library: Windows Aero, Gnome/GTK, KDE/Qt, wxWidgets, …

  2. To save work, don’t write your own custom environment, build upon existing work.
    Qt, GTK and wx all have excellent Python bindings. Qt even has its own HTML renderer, so you would have an in-game web browser as well.
    People have got Qt working with Blender, you could try to integrate it with the BGE.

  3. Please appreciate how much work has gone into existing GUI environments.
    For example, GTK has an estimated effort of 212 person-years (two-thirds of Blender), KDE a staggering 7481 years. It is an insult to their hard work to expect that it can be replicated as some side-project of Wrectified.

I think what he means is a simple GUI for his game objects.

But yeah, it’s common problem. People come here practically for outsourcing, expecting others to make ready solutions for them and as if that wasn’t bad enough they also barely begin to describe what they want in the first place. And they misspell or use completely wrong words out of the little amount of text they write.

This will be way over the top of what you want but you could definitely learn quite a bit from it:

I say in game OS, because in the game, its a OS,

I understand it’s a GUI,

Some people, ask for help when they need it,

Others are jerks about it,

thanks kevin,(not you)

I had no idea people had already approached similar problems,

I’ll look into what others have done, thought had not even crossed my mind,

The idea is like in fallout, when you use a computer,

it’s just a simple directory / folder system, as well as commands,



<Directory> Bin
<Directory> Images

using the text object to display this list, overlayed on the screen.

My issue is the “string” that is the screen has to get re-generated as the data feeds across the scene (like when you do C:/Dir in dos.)

I am just not that great at building a string from a list of strings,

I think I already may have a solution in my head for initiating the commands,

by checking against the list, and then using a dictionary to trigger the script associated with a command,

what I have never messed with is a input scheme,
I am trying to decide if using mouseover and a “virtual keyboard” is the way to go, or just use the input of them typing (I have never messed with this either)