In Game Cutscene

Hey Blender Brothers, I am wondering how to make a blender 3d cutscene for the game engine, I have a few questions about it.

  1. Like first off how do I set it up so that it will play before or after a level.

  2. I have done some animations before but they have always been simple, do you know any good websites that will teach you how to animate bones, everytime I tryit does not turn out right, like I can not edit in IPO Curve editer, and to take the first shots I have to press the record in real time button.

So please give me some anwsers as soon as possible

Well as far as the cutscenes go, you could hook up a delay sensor to sceneactuator in the first scene to get a sorta intro…
This’ll give you something like this:

Of course you could also use a near sensor to trigger the scene actuator if you wanted…


example2.blend (779 KB)

There are multiple ways of cutsenes.

My suggestion would be to have a scene with the cutscene elements and after the animation finishes load the scene with the level.

Bone animations in Blender are done with armatures (skeletons in other engines) you parent the skin mesh to the armature. The vertices of the skin mesh should have vertex groups assigned. The name of these groups must match the name of the bones.

The armature has a special action actuator. The actions can be edited with the action editor. Actions are collections of IPO curves for all the channels of the action. A channel is assigned to the bone with the same name.

I hope it helps

Hey thanks guys, I did not know what the action editor did, but now that will help tons. Thanks also for the scene you set up “im8act”, but could you tell me how you made text in game engine, is there a make text real button?

Once you get your text to say whatever, just hit Alt-C and select “mesh”… :wink: