In-Game Explosion.

While me and my team are developing our game Necrosis I created this explosion as used for a grenade explosion, and modified for other types of explosions too.

Its a part of our game, so if you use it credit us as the original creator.



The download doesn’t seem to be working on the mediafire end.

Thanks, very cool, the explosion and your game.

I will try and upload it In a different place when I get home.

I see just a puff of smoke with a sound.

it really beatiful bomb haha.

How can you ppl see the explosion? When I click P it only shows the ground and nothing happens

could you please tell me how you made the weapon system in necrosis, so you can easily add new weapons to it without changing much of the already existing logic? if it is not a secret, it would be nice if you could make a short description or tutorial.