In game graphics options

So does anybody know how i would go about having it so the player can access the menu and change the graphics options if there computer can not handle the glsl.
say you can open the graphics options menu and change it from glsl to multitexture or something.

right now i have it so there is for every wall 2 walls one with a normal map glsl and the other just a standard texture of the same tile image and when i press a button it makes the high quality ones go invisible and the low quality ones become visible but this doesnt do much to speed up the game and still is laggy.

my compute can handle glsl but i want other people who’s cant to be able to play.
how would i achieve this? thanks in advance.

Hehe, beat me to it, was about to post that link.

For a graphics menu, you’ll want to use the code HG1 has provided and toggle between the modes with properties. You can use a save/load script to store them.

ok so basically what i do is apply the scrip to a empty or something and have it activate when a press a button or click on something?
and there is two scripts witch one do i use?
thanks guys for the help!

I made a blend file with only the necessary parts to switch the grafic mode (from the WSAG game).


GraficMode.blend (671 KB)

Sweet thanks HG1!