In-Game Map Editor

This is a simple “Map Editor” test I made, yes, right now the maps are just box layouts, but it is just the same as adding buildings, or enemies, or other things to any other type of game.

Simply move the mouse to wherever you want to spawn a dynamic cube. Press 1 to save the layout, and 2 to load the layout. WASD for camera movement controls. Press X key on a cube to delete it. Right click a cube to push it.

-Click Here to Download.

By the way, this has only been tested on my iMac, so please let me know if you have any problems with it at all.

it is really cool and new concept , but make it reset before loading to avoid that miss
kewl Show …

it works fine on my windows machine

-it looks very slick, graphics-wise.
-very simple and easy controls
[edit] by easy, I mean easy to understand, not that you were lazy XP

-could probably do with some sort of grid snap system
-might be good if the cubes weren’t dynamic, so they didn’t move around when you spawn a new one. Of course, the problem with this is that blender disables older cube’s collision, this is why I gave up on making a level editor of my own

keep up the solid work ^^

EDIT: What I had originally posted was already stated. Later Suggestion: You might want to make an inventory later with different objects that you can stamp around. This would make a cool game.

EDIT2: When you hold the right button and move the cursor over a red cube, it spins stuff and makes it all act up.

thought of a similar idea to make a massive world

in a file would be the positions and types of the objects. the world would generate itself as you walked around and the world would be editable through some form of map editor

I like this simple-smart idea. Thanks for sharing, Chaser.

bug report: winXP/blender245/without python

  • if i press 1(=save) it cancels Blender (sometimes ~ 40%)
    the same behavior with generated .exe

hi i tried it and i let you see this mod of mine, with grid snapping, you can later add a key to enable or disable it.

simply replace:




in the edit file.

pd: sorry for my bad english, thanks for this file i think it will be pretty useful for my ai project


Thanks, Chaser!

This file is very useful. I learned a few things I had been wondering about from looking at your scripts.

you should be able to toggle the grid-snap.

I made a file like this, but it was nowhere near as streamlined…(logic bricks!! Their squishing my computers speed! AKKK!(in my attempt at a map maker))

the link does not work for me… :expressionless:

that might be because it’s about half a year old…

Shame. It sounds like just what I need. Anyone have a copy?

Shame. It sounds like just what I need. Anyone have a copy?

I remember playing with this. It was really cool. Unfortunately, I don’t have a copy.

I still had it at one of my drives, here you go.

The blend file is not found! But I like the concept, a lot!

Its interesting to play around :slight_smile:

Thanks Sick! Looks interesting.

Somethings that really don’t work for me, but many I hadn’t even though of that are really good. For example, I love the whole way it automatically stacks objects on top of each other and uses physics to drop them onto the ground. I think you’d want a really fast system to design a complex level with something like this though. :frowning:

Still, funky idea. I’d love to see more actual game level designers coming out of BGE. Then again I guess we could go the Sauerbraten (spelling?) route and have it all in our games. :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m glad that this is still being of use around the Game Blender community. I re-uploaded the file, so the link is no longer broken. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me, post here, or just knock on my door.

I noticed that in the new version of blender, it crashed, however, I can’t seem to re-produce the crash, so maybe it was freak accident.

I look forward to posting up some new stuff in the near future.

Kewl! I love the images on your site, they’ve got a really nice style to them. There’s quite a few subtle but innovative things on the level designer that gave me some great ideas, too. Looking forward to my fix of BGE goodness ala Chaser. :smiley: