In-game Mirror

I was wondering if there was any way to put a working mirror into the blender game engine. I’m not sure if there is a way to use raycasting to find the image needed to be displayed or if, possibly, a camera could be used with a separate script to display the collected image from the camera onto the mesh. I’ve found plenty of “how to fake a mirror” tutorials but I would really love to have the player see their own reflection in a mirror and in glass around the scene in order to more deeply immerse the player.

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Look for videoTexture

Helpful Sources:

  1. Basic Information
    Always watch out for the right code for your blender/python-version!!!
    with Blender 2.6
    change Gamelogic -> bge.logic
    and Videotexture -> is texture as you see in the next link

  2. Right, Pythoncode

  3. Haven’t read it through but if 1+2 are not enough