In-game Motion-blur?

…Alrighty, I have looked all over the forums for information on this and can’t seem to get anywhere (because of conflicting statements, outdated posts, etc.).

I’m looking for a fairly system-efficient way to do a soft motion-blur in the BGE. My computer is fully capable of running GLSL effects, and I am running one of the latest builds of Apricot, so I’ve got pretty much any resource open to me, I just haven’t figured out a way to do this (without resorting to the “follow-copy” method).

I’ve tried using the built in “motion blur” 2D effect, but that didn’t work.

So, anyway, thanks guys.

The builtin motion blur filter had a bug which was recently fixed, it didn’t work well with the always sensor which is probably what you tried. See attached .blend for a workaround.

A very recent trunk build should have the fix. By the way, it is better to use trunk builds now as the apricot branch is not being developed anymore and trunk has nearly all the features + bugfixes, but of course also some new stuff which as always might break things.


mblur-247-workaround.blend (165 KB)

I always wondered why that didn’t work! Thanks for the info brecht!

Yeah with the older versions, you had to Invert the value of the always for it to work

Awesome. Thanks Brecht. and I’ll try running things on the latest trunk build and see what happens

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