In Game Parent problem.

I am trying to grab object and leave it, but i want “slow parent” to work while i do this (i use set parent when “RAY + EKEY” and when EKEY is released i use remove parent) , cant find any way to do it, maybe a py script?

Thank you!

Have you tried to fiddle with the animation hacks part in the object tab? I think you can set the slow parent offset in there! Don’t know if it will work on dynamic parenting though!

the problem is the formula of the parent, which is pretty massive…i know only a piece

I know that but it won’t work when dynamic. :frowning:

i can think of an idea

parent.blend (461 KB)
Just change the value of the property ‘parent’ to change the parent target.
If you set the value to nothing, or an object which doesn’t exist, it does nothing.

thanks ! it works.